Miesha Tate Feels No Sympathy for the Way Ronda Rousey Exited The Sport

Miesha Tate speaks about Ronda Rousey's unceremonious exit from MMA

Ronda Rousey has never officially retired but all signs are pointing towards the former UFC women’s bantamweight champion not stepping back inside the Octagon again.

Rousey came roaring into the sport like a lion winning her first six fights in the UFC, all by finishes, while defending her title on every occasion. Unfortunately just as loudly as Rousey came into the UFC, she left as quiet as a mouse following a pair of knockout losses to Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes while still never addressing her second defeat publicly.

In fact, Rousey refused to do any media whatsoever in the lead up to her fight with Nunes last year and following the loss, she left the Octagon and has largely stayed out of the spotlight all together outside of a couple of television appearances.

At her height, Rousey was arguably the biggest star in all of mixed martial arts, but she seemingly disappeared following those two devastating losses with no signs that she’ll return again.

Miesha Tate, who was Rousey’s biggest rival during her rise through Strikeforce before both moved to the UFC, can’t justify how her former opponent dealt with the losses, especially considering the way it appears she’s just decided to leave the sport all together now.

“Not really,” Tate said during a recent Reddit AMA when asked if she felt any sympathy for Rousey. “We all lose. It just depends how you take it afterwards.

“I don’t really respect her decision to walk away from the sport that gave her so much.”

Tate has never shied away from giving her opinion regarding Rousey and that hasn’t changed even as she’s retired from fighting to begin focusing on coaching and managing fighters rather than competing herself.

Nothing has tempted Tate to forgo her retirement to consider a return to action but she really does believe that if she ever did have the chance to face Rousey again, things would go differently this time around.

“The animosity is very real,” Tate said about her relationship with Rousey. “It’s just not at the forefront of my life anymore.

“If we fought a third time, I know I would win.

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