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Michael Bisping Hints At Summertime UK Retirement Fight: ‘In The UK, One More, That Would Be Nice’

Michael Bisping is hinting that he's going to have one last fight in the UK summertime before he hangs up the gloves for good.

Michael Bisping hasn’t decided on whether he will have one last bout, but the sounds of it today if it’s going to happen it’s going to to go down on UK soil.

Speaking today at the launch of the UK UFC Gym franchise in London, Bisping told the local media that if he has one more bout, he wantas it to be on a fight card this year in the UK.

“I want to fight in England, it’s a shame I’m not fighting this weekend. I was suppose to fight Rashad Evans, but we couldn’t get the deal done. It has to be right for the UFC and it has to be right for me.

“Unfortunately we couldn’t agree to terms this time, but hopefully down the line we can make it happen.

“In the UK, one more, that would be nice.”

Whilst Bisping wouldn’t rule out the possibility of the fight going down next year, the Brit seemed more keen for the potential retirement fight to go down in 2018.

The date and the timing might not be set in stone, but if the retirement fight is going to happen it appears like it will have to be in the UK.

“It could mean 2019, I don’t know. I spoke to someone recently at the UFC and expressed that desire. It’s got to be sometime soon, maybe this summer.

“If I walk away now, obviously I don’t want to walk away on a loss.

“The UK fan base has really supported me, if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be standing here now.

“I truly mean that. The experiences I’ve had I’ll take them to my grave.

!I was offered a couple of fights in different countries, but that doesn’t really excite me.

“I’d like my retirement fight to be in England.”

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