Matt Brown Says Robbie Lawler Has the ‘Highest IQ’ of Any Fighter He Ever Faced

Matt Brown discusses what it's like to fight Robbie Lawler on the latest Fight Society podcast

Matt Brown knows what it’s like to go to battle against Robbie Lawler.

Just days away from Lawler’s upcoming fight at UFC on FOX 26 where he faces Rafael dos Anjos with a possible title shot on the line, Brown looks back at his fight with the former welterweight champion while breaking down this matchup.

On the latest Fight Society podcast, Brown says he actually studied Lawler rather intensely during a media tour they did to promote their fight and he had the wrong impression of the veteran knockout artist after spending several hours together doing interviews.

“I fought him so I have a first hand view. He’s a lot more technical than he looks. He looks like he’s brawling but he’s doing a lot of small techniques. He probably brought my level of fighting up more than anybody else that I’ve ever fought,” Brown said. “I give him that compliment a lot. His IQ in the ring, I didn’t give him any credit for it cause sitting there doing interviews with him, we did a whole media tour and we’re talking, answering these questions. He doesn’t have any answers, he doesn’t speak, I don’t know if he doesn’t speak well or not interested in it, or what it is exactly, I thought I’m going to be so much smarter than him.

“I’m analyzing every little thing about him. I’m watching what he eats and watching what he drinks, if he’s chewing gum, how his eyes look, how he walks, if his posture’s right, what kind of exercises he should be doing. Literally everything I can and maybe that was one of the issues, too. Maybe I over analyzed it. Robbie’s like f–k it, he’s eating a hamburger.”

What resulted was Brown gaining a tremendous amount of respect after spending 25-minutes inside the Octagon with him as Lawler proved to be the smartest fighter he faced during his entire career.

“His IQ when we stepped in there and fought was the highest IQ I feel like I’ve ever felt in a fight,” Brown said about Lawler.

Brown will also give his insight into dos Anjos’ chances in this fight as well as who should be the No. 1 contender to face champion Tyron Woodley next.

All this and more on the latest Fight Society podcast. Listen here or download and subscribe to the show via Apple Podcasts. 

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