Luke Rockhold plotting future move to light heavyweight division

Luke Rockhold is already planning to move to 205 pounds

Luke Rockhold has plans to recapture the UFC middleweight title, but his future may actually lie in a different division.

Following a second round finish against David Branch on Saturday night, Rockhold addressed his desire to earn a rematch against old foe Michael Bisping while flat out telling Georges St-Pierre to get out of his way so he could avenge his last loss inside the Octagon.

Rockhold fell to Bisping last June in the fight that cost him the middleweight title but he’s back now and gunning for another shot at his longtime rival.

That being said, Rockhold also admitted post fight that he had a rougher weight cut than usual getting down to the middleweight limit and that could eventually prompt a move to 205 pounds.

“I’ll fight light heavyweight,” Rockhold said following his win over Branch. “The weight cut was rough, I’m not going to lie, it always is. I got a little big this time. I usually don’t get that big. I think I was like 206 [pounds] or something going in. I’m usually like 201, 202. For some reason, I got a little heavy, so I had to feel it out in there.

“But I’d love to go to light heavyweight. I do really well in the gym, and it’s more natural for me. I think I could do good things.”

As of now there are two deterrents stopping Rockhold from pursuing a championship in a new division.

First off all, Rockhold wants to take back the middleweight title while hopefully getting another shot at Bisping down the road. Second, Rockhold would never move up to light heavyweight while his good friend and teammate Daniel Cormier is still ruling over the division.

Rockhold is willing to fight anyone in the world — except he will never ever compete against Cormier.

“D.C. [Daniel Cormier] is obviously the man right now in the division,” Rockhold said. “I’m not going up until he gets out. If he goes up or if he retires, then you can damn well guarantee I’m coming up, but business to do here first.”

Rockhold added that he plans on staying in shape just in case something happens to St-Pierre and he’s unable to fight at UFC 217 in November because the former champion would like nothing more than to face Bisping on the card.

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