VIDEO: Jon Jones Allegations: The Story Unfolds

"Jones: 'Irritated and hungover' during test"

Updated Police Report
UFC champion Jon Jones reported feeling “a bit irritated and hungover” during a drug test at his residence. This comes after an accusation of assault and threats against a female employee who was at Jones’ home for a drug testing procedure on March 30.

The Accusation
The heavyweight champion has found himself in controversy again, facing allegations from the woman. Jones denies these accusations, providing surveillance footage as evidence and calling the woman a liar in an updated police report.

Social Media Clarification
Jones addressed the incident on social media, clarifying he was not arrested. Albuquerque and Bernalillo County police confirmed that Jones had not been detained or questioned.

Jones’ Side of the Story
In the updated report, Jones expressed his disturbance with the situation, attributing his mood to being hungover. He firmly denied making any threats but did admit to warning against early visits to his home due to potential hazards.

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The Incident with the Phone
A particular point of contention was an incident involving the woman’s phone, which Jones admitted to taking, thinking it was his, and then promptly returning.

Jones’ Theory
Jones believes the allegations were fabricated because the woman was upset with him for using profanity, leading her to “make up a story.”


Jon Jones on the incident: “I was a bit irritated and hungover.”

Jones on social media: “I have NOT been arrested.”

Jones to the police: “She’s a liar.”

On the phone incident: “I thought it was mine and returned it immediately.”

Jones’ theory: “She made up a story because she was mad at me for swearing.”

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