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Johnny Walker thinks Jon Jones should be stripped of title

..."it would be good for the light-heavyweight division"

Brazilian rising star Johnny Walker thinks the UFC should take executive action, beginning with Jon Jones being stripped of his UFC light heavyweight title. 

It’s no secret that UFC light heavyweight Jon Jones seems somewhat interlinked with controversy. While seldom pushed to the limits in the octagon he seems to be his own worst enemy when it comes to his career taking damage. A DUI, a hit-and-run, testing positive for banned substances and a press conference brawl are just some of the events that have led to him being fined, suspended and stripped of his title before.

His latest controversy was no better, as he was arrested on four charges, including driving while intoxicated and a firearms charge. Jones managed to avoid jail time, again, and he has received rather lenient sentencing for his past transgressions. Many have grown tired of this, and want to see the UFC take action. One of those is Brazilian slugger Johnny Walker who thinks the UFC should go so far as to strip Jones of his title.


“If they take the title from him,” Walker said in an interview with Low Kick. “Another two challengers should go for the belt and it would be good for the light-heavyweight division. Whoever gets the belt can fight against Jones next it’s going to be good. I’m no God to judge nobody but I think it’s a good idea to do that (strip Jon Jones) because it’s going to give other fighters the chance to get the belt and to help their life and be somebody, to be a champion. If Jon Jones wants to keep his belt, he can just stop doing shit and he can defend the belt properly.”

As of now the UFC have not publicly condemned Jones’ actions, the promotion has simply stated that they are “gathering information”. It is unlikely t hat the UFC will take any firm action against Jones, as the promotion’s silence on the subject speaks volumes.

Walker most recent bout was a decision loss to Nikita Krylov. That was his second straight loss since the impressive three fight winning streak he began his UFC career with. Jones’ next title defence will presumably be against Polish striker Jan Blachowicz. This is despite many fans clamouring for a rematch with Dominick Reyes.

While the UFC have made plans for future events, and it is unlikely reprimanding Jones is amongst those plans.

Do you agree with Johnny Walker – Should Jon Jones be stripped of his UFC title?

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