Joe Rogan Defends Conor McGregor’s Decision to Withdraw from UFC 303

✔ Rogan on why McGregor made the right call ✔ “I think it’s smart”

Joe Rogan has come to Conor McGregor’s defense after the fighter faced backlash for withdrawing from UFC 303 due to a broken toe. Despite fans criticizing McGregor, Rogan believes his decision was justified.

McGregor’s situation draws parallels to when Rafael dos Anjos pulled out of their scheduled fight in 2016 due to a broken foot, which McGregor mocked at the time. Now, with a similar injury, McGregor finds himself in a position to understand the gravity of fighting with a foot injury. Unlike dos Anjos, McGregor’s injury is a broken little toe, but the impact on his performance would still be significant.

Importance of Footwork

Rogan emphasized how crucial footwork and kicks are to McGregor’s fighting style, making even a small injury a major concern. He stated,

“Listen, the thing with a broken little toe is, when you’re a guy who kicks as often as Conor, it’s a big deal. It’s also the same foot where his leg broke, and he went into that fight (against Dustin Poirier) injured.”


A Smart Decision

For Rogan, McGregor’s decision to withdraw is not a sign of weakness but of wisdom.

“He’s never pulled out of a fight before. This is the first time he’s done it, and I think it’s smart. If you have a broken little toe and you go into a fight — and you went into your last fight injured — what if that toe becomes a big problem? What if he throws a kick, it gets crushed again, and he’s in pain and can’t move?”

McGregor’s history of fighting injured, including his victory over Chad Mendes while dealing with a serious knee injury, makes this withdrawal notable as his first-ever pullout. He has vowed never to compete while injured again. UFC has not announced a specific return date for McGregor, but he has hinted at being ready after summer.

McGregor’s Past and Future

Despite his absence from the octagon since his leg injury against Dustin Poirier in 2021, McGregor has kept busy with other ventures, including starring in the movie Road House alongside Jake Gyllenhaal. His return is anticipated to be a major event in the UFC calendar.


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