Alexander Gustafsson
Alexander Gustafsson

Alexander Gustafsson on Chimaev’s Health Challenges: Still a Champion in Waiting

Veteran fighter remains hopeful for Chimaev’s swift recovery

Veteran Remains Optimistic About Chimaev’s Comeback

Khamzat Chimaev, one of the UFC’s most promising talents, has recently faced significant health issues affecting his career. Alexander Gustafsson, a veteran of the sport, shares his thoughts on Chimaev’s situation and remains hopeful about his return to the top. Gustafsson describes Chimaev as an extremely hardworking athlete known for his impressive work ethic and intense training regimen.

“He’s getting sick. There’s something with his body reacting to hard training because he’s the hardest worker in the room; he has always been the hardest worker,” says Gustafsson.

Despite Chimaev’s dedication, his body has negatively reacted to the high training load, leading to recurring illnesses. His health problems have been a mystery for both him and his team.

“They need to do some tests and see what’s behind it if there’s something in his body reacting to the hard training because he trains very hard,” continues Gustafsson.



Gustafsson explains how Chimaev easily catches colds and other minor ailments that worsen with intense training. This unusual reaction has raised concerns and requires further medical investigations. Despite these challenges, Gustafsson is confident that Chimaev has the potential to defeat the best in his weight class when he is in top form.

“When Khamzat is Khamzat, he beats them all – Leon [Edwards], Israel [Adesanya], and Dricus [Du Plessis],” he says.

Gustafsson emphasizes Chimaev’s unique training mentality and his ability to overcome adversities, strongly believing that Chimaev will recover and return stronger than ever.

The mental strain on Chimaev is significant, especially given the high expectations and pressure ahead of upcoming matches. Despite current difficulties, he remains optimistic and believes Chimaev will recover and prove why he is a future UFC champion.

“He’s going through tough times right now, but I know him, he’ll come back stronger and solve the problem,” Gustafsson explains.

Gustafsson concludes by reminding that Chimaev’s illness is not a result of overtraining but rather a sign of a deeper health issue that needs to be resolved. With the right support and medical help, Gustafsson is convinced that Chimaev will reach his full potential and continue his impressive MMA career.

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