Paige VanZant
Paige VanZant

Dana White Confirms Partnership with Paige VanZant for Power Slap

Paige VanZant joins controversial Power Slap league

Introduction of Power Slap and Paige VanZant

UFC President Dana White has confirmed that Paige VanZant, former UFC fighter and current OnlyFans star, will be joining his new venture, Power Slap. This controversial organization involves competitors taking turns to slap each other as hard as possible without defending themselves.

Power Slap’s Popularity and Criticism

Despite receiving heavy criticism due to its nature, Power Slap has garnered significant attention and engagement on social media. White asserts that the organization is outperforming other major sports leagues in terms of online views, including the NFL and NBA. The addition of VanZant, known for her popularity and large following, is expected to boost these numbers further.



Official Statements

During a press conference after UFC Saudi Arabia, White expressed his anticipation of such moves:

– “You know, I said this would happen. I said you’d start seeing people crossing over to Power Slap, and Paige is the first, the first one that everyone knows and who has such a big following.”

VanZant also confirmed the news on her social media:

– “I just signed the contract and whether these haters like it or not, I’m doing Power Slap. I’m freaking Paige VanZant. I’ve been in UFC, bareknuckle boxing, boxing. Now I’m doing Power Slap… I’ll do literally everything and piss everyone off.”

Event Details

VanZant is scheduled to make her debut at Power Slap 8 on June 28, 2024, at Fontainebleau Las Vegas. This event will be streamed live and free on Rumble. The main event will feature the super heavyweight champion, Da Crazy Hawaiian, defending his title against Danie “The Pitbull” Van Heerden. The co-main event includes a welterweight title match between Emanuel Muniz and Anthony Blackburn.

For more detailed information on Power Slap 8

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