Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor Reveals Injury That Halted UFC 303 Fight

McGregor’s Toe Injury Postpones UFC 303 Fight Against Chandler

After weeks of speculation, Conor McGregor has finally revealed the reason behind his withdrawal from the much-anticipated UFC 303 bout against Michael Chandler. On Instagram, McGregor shared an image of his broken toe and explained the injury occurred during a training session.

“We lost focus and trained without full protective gear. I struck my toe against an elbow, resulting in a fracture,” McGregor wrote, adding that he needs “a few weeks” to recover.

Uncertain Future

Though McGregor mentioned needing only a few weeks for recovery, he did not provide a specific timeline for his return. He expressed a strong desire to complete the final two fights on his current UFC contract but was uncertain if Chandler would be one of his opponents.

“We were so ready for this fight; it’s heartbreaking to pull out. I want the new Bugatti, but I can’t justify buying it without completing these fights. We lost focus and trained without full protective gear, and I broke my toe striking it against an elbow.

It takes a few weeks to heal, but I couldn’t justify entering the cage injured again. Next time, I must be 100% Conor McGregor. The fans deserve it, and we’re close. A small mistake and an annoying injury, that’s all. I’ll be back, I must. I have two fights left on the contract, and I intend to complete them. See you soon, Chandler or not.”



Chandler’s Response

Michael Chandler, McGregor’s scheduled opponent, responded gracefully to the news, saying,

“No hard feelings. Heal up. My heart is full. See you soon. Chandler has been awaiting this fight for nearly two years since he and McGregor filmed season 31 of “The Ultimate Fighter” in early 2023.

Next Possible Fight Date

It remains unclear when McGregor will return to the octagon. UFC 304 on July 27 in Manchester and UFC 305 on August 18 in Perth already have main events booked, making UFC 306 on September 14 in Las Vegas the first realistic date for McGregor’s comeback. McGregor, who turns 36 next month, has not competed since July 2021 when he lost to Dustin Poirier after breaking his leg in the first round.

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