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Jason Knight explains bathroom brawl incident: “I shouldn’t have…”

After that the video went viral, Jason Knight offered an explanation shortly before the video was taken down

Yesterday a video went viral, showing former UFC fighter and current BKFC fighter Jason Knight in a violent fight. The video, posted by Knight’s training partner Brok Weaver, was without much context. The video began with Knight, backed into a bathroom stall, confronted by two men. Before long it’s apparent that the two men aren’t planning on letting Knight get past them, and the former UFC fighter begins swinging at them.

Weaver ended up deleting the video, but it was up long enough for Knight to offer an explanation for what happened that evening.


“This was from over a year ago,” Knight wrote. “One guy was in the bathroom complaining about his girlfriend. I made a comment as a joke and obviously these two guys didn’t think it was funny. So they cornered me in my stall. By the time I turned around these two guys were there and seven people holding cameras behind them, I already knew what time it was. I told them to back up or they could go to sleep. They started talking crazy so I swung first, I wasn’t going to beg my way out of this stall. Stuff happens, but a lot has changed since then. Nowadays I wouldn’t even be there much less making a joke because of a beer buzz. No need to explain myself to any of you just figured I would give you a little insight. Long story short I shouldn’t have made the joke but they could have took it better. Oh well, it is what it is.”

The video garnered immediate attention and went viral quickly. While taken down by weaver, a new video showing multiple angles will be released on MMAnytt’s Youtube channel within hours of this post..

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