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Jake Paul reveals next potential opponent in viral clip!

✔ YouTube boxer Paul in negotiations with controversial internet sensation and kickboxer Andrew "King Cobra" Tate

YouTube boxer Jake Paul has set his sights on his next opponent as he reveals he is in negotiations with former kickboxing champion Andrew Tate. In a video on Twitter, Paul and Tate stand face to face in front of Paul’s manager Nikisa Bidarian.

Judging by the comments, this could be a highly anticipated bout that could generate a lot of interest as the short clip has received over 8.1 million views, over 164,200 likes and over 6,500 comments in just 15 hours.

Paul was in the ring on October 29th when he defeated former UFC champion Anderson “The Spider” Silva via unanimous decision. The YouTube boxer dropped the UFC legend in the final round but wasn’t able to finish the 47-year-old. Paul advanced to 6-0 as a pro, with four straight victories against former UFC athletes Ben Askren, Tyron Woodley (twice) and now Silva.

Paul has come to create quite a stir with his boxing career. The 25-year-old YouTube star has been criticized for his choice of opponents, but is also followed by a loyal and large fanbase.

The same can be said for the outspoken internet sensation “Cobra King” Tate. He has not competed professionally since 2020 when he won his third straight victory as a kickboxer. After his last bout, his focus has shifted to social media where he, among other things, was selling memberships to Hustler’s University. Tate offers advice to primarily young men on how to make money and also shares Tate’s view on masculinity.

Tate’s background as a kickboxer and controversial internet personality has linked him with several notable names in the industry, including KSI and Jake Paul’s older brother Logan Paul. By all accounts, no contracts have been signed for a potential matchup between Paul and Tate. But there seems to be a lot of interest and considering how much criticism Tate has directed at the Paul brothers, it would also be a bout with high stakes.

In addition to Tate, Paul has also connected with UFC profile Nate Diaz for his next fight.


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