Garry’s UFC 296: Family Safety Takes Center Stage

I’m a little bit cautious about going to America

Ian Machado Garry faces a significant challenge against Vicente Luque at UFC 296, but his concerns extend beyond the octagon. The 26-year-old Irish prospect is troubled about his family’s safety, stemming from a recent verbal feud with UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland. The conflict escalated due to Strickland’s public attacks on Garry’s relationship with his wife, Layla, and threats of legal action for harassment and defamation. Despite the distractions, Garry remains eager for the event, albeit with caution.

“I’m excited for UFC 296,” Garry said. “It’s a big card with big names and matchups. But I’m a bit apprehensive about going to America considering everything that’s been happening online.”

Strickland recently claimed a confrontation with Garry at the UFC training center in Las Vegas, offering a personal meeting to settle any real tensions.


Despite the turmoil, Garry is determined to focus on his fight with Luque. “I’m not the least bit worried about the fight,” he states. “It’s fun, easy for me. It’s always something I enjoy and love.” He looks forward to the pre-fight activities but admits being unable to react to people in person will be slightly frustrating.

As the sporting world awaits this battle, the question remains: How will Garry’s personal concerns impact his performance?

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