Pettis Ready for Savage Showdown with Perry After Henderson’s Karate Combat

"It's a different level of barbaric fighting," says Pettis about BKFC

Anthony Pettis, ever the versatile fighter, is now gearing up to face Benson Henderson at Karate Combat 43 in Las Vegas on December 15th. Following his surprise victory over boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. in April, Pettis continues to navigate through various fighting disciplines, always eyeing the most lucrative path.

In an interview with MMA Fighting, Pettis revealed that his compensation for Karate Combat is comparable to his previous earnings in MMA and boxing. However, he is open to considering an offer from BKFC, where he has been challenged by former UFC peer Mike Perry, depending on the negotiation terms.

Pettis characterizes the world of bare-knuckle boxing as “a different level of barbaric fighting.” For him, it’s not just about the money but also about legacy. He expresses admiration for Roy Jones Jr.’s legendary status and acknowledges Perry’s brutality in BKFC, but his immediate focus is on the upcoming Karate Combat match.

Despite being under contract with PFL, Pettis confirms that he will not participate in their regular season in 2024, citing the tournament format as too demanding for his body.


Looking ahead to his return in the PFL cage, Pettis is eyeing a match against Cédric Doumbé but questions whether the organization intends to build Doumbé up before such a matchup. Pettis admires Doumbé’s kickboxing accomplishments and looks forward to fights that ignite his training passion.

Regarding boxing, Pettis plans to stay active in the ring next year, aiming for three bouts. Despite his keen interest in building his boxing resume, he doesn’t dismiss the possibility of facing influencers or fellow MMA veterans.

Pettis, praising retired MMA legend Jose Aldo for his transition to boxing, remains open to a potential future bout. As Pettis continues to shape his diverse combat sports legacy, he remains ever ready for new challenges and opportunities.

What path do you think Pettis will choose next in his varied fighting career?

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