Glover Teixeira Responds To Jimi Manuwa’s UFC London Call Out

Glover Teixeira defeated Misha Cirkunov last evening and was immediately called out by Jimi Manuwa.

The UFC light heavyweight division is heating up and Glover Teixeira and Jimi Manuwa could be on a collision course for UFC London in 2018.

Last evening, Teixeira put on an incredible performance against Misha Cirkunov and defeated the Canadian via TKO ground and pound in the first round. Straight after the bout, English light heavyweight Jimi Manuwa took to social media and wasted little time calling out the Brazilian for a showdown in London next year.

Backstage, Texieira was informed of Manuwa’s callout and he responded by questioning whether or not Manuwa deserved the fight following his loss to Volkan Oezedemir at UFC 214 in July.

“Of course Jimi Manuwa wants to do that,” Teixeira told MMA Fighting backstage. “He lost his last fight and I lost my fight before this and I got a guy with a loss down the rankings. I risked a lot of things, but I lost the fight so I had to get back to winning.

“Right now I’m #3 in the world so I dunno. If that makes sense for the UFC and if my manager says that’s right, then we’ll do it. I don’t mind who I fight. I fight anyone, anywhere.”

Aside from the fact he’s coming off a loss, Manuwa calling him out for a fight in London appears to be the sticking point for Teixeira and he begged the question why the fight couldn’t take place on the other side of the Atlantic.

“But, at the end of the day, is Jimi Manuwa in a position to want to fight me in London? Why doesn’t he come to Brazil and fight me, or Connecticut? New York? That’s where I’m from. He’s got to fight in his backyard and I’ve got to go to London to fight him?

“I’ve got nothing against going to London you know, but come on man. Give me some credit over here. Come on, it’s like me calling out Cormier after my last loss. Take it easy.”

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