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Ex UFC fighter Jason “Mayhem” Miller arrested on multiple charges

Former UFC fighter and TUF coach Jason “Mayhem” Miller has, unfortunately, been arrested once again. Miller was on Tuesday arrested and charged with committing a residential burglary and car theft. According to NBC Los Angeles Miller knew the victim previously.

This incident is tragically just the latest in a string of transgressions with the law. Since being let go by the UFC the middleweight has spiralled out of control with a series of controversies and crimes.


“Mayhem” pleaded guilty to felony vandalism and a misdemeanor violation of a protective stay-away order on July 18th, 2019. That incident involved his ex girlfriend’s home which was heavily vandalised. Later in September of last year he assaulted the same girlfriend and was sentenced to 124 days in jail yet released with credit for time served. In 2014 he was involved in a five hour long stand off with SWAT at his residence after that police were summoned to serve a warrant for “alleged stalking at the home.”

Miller had two stints in the UFC but has never scored a victory in the octagon. After a loss to Georges St-Pierre in 2005, “Mayhem” returned in 2011, being TKO’d by rival Michael Bisping and then later losing a decision to CB Dolloway.

Can Jason “Mayhem” Miller recover from being arrested again?

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