Eddie Hall Triumphs in Spectacular 2-on-1 MMA Match

“Hall’s strength and skill dominate in the cage”

Eddie Hall, renowned for his title as the World’s Strongest Man, has now demonstrated his formidable strength in the MMA ring. Hall faced the Neffati brothers in a unique two-on-one match at King George’s Hall in Blackburn, England, delivering a performance that left the audience in awe.

From Strongman to MMA

Eddie Hall, a dominant figure in strongman competitions throughout the 2010s, clinched the title of World’s Strongest Man in 2017. Post-retirement, he ventured into boxing, notably facing Thor Bjornsson, and trained with UFC interim heavyweight champion Tom Aspinall, preparing him for the rigors of MMA.

Impressive Debut in World Freak Fight League

On Friday, Hall made his MMA debut in the World Freak Fight League. Despite a cautious start where the Neffati brothers avoided direct confrontation, they eventually attacked, which proved to be a mistake. One brother attempted a single-leg takedown, but Hall countered with a powerful pro-wrestling-style powerbomb. He then followed up with a precise right hook, ending the fight decisively and forcing the referee to intervene.

A Battle of David vs. Goliath

The Neffati brothers, who stand at 5’3” and weigh 145 lbs each, presented a stark contrast to the 6’2”, 330 lb Hall. Despite their significant weight disadvantage, the brothers believed their agility and teamwork could overcome Hall’s sheer strength. This David vs. Goliath scenario added an extra layer of excitement to the bout.



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Star-Studded Fight Card

The event also featured other notable names, including Ty Jones, known for his resemblance to Ed Sheeran, and Myles Stephenson, a former X-Factor winner. Dwarves Salim Chiboub and Radek also competed, adding to the evening’s unique matchups.

What Lies Ahead for “The Beast”

Eddie Hall’s transition from strongman to MMA showcases his versatility and strength. His debut fight underscored his ability to adapt and excel in various athletic disciplines. The future holds exciting prospects for Hall as he continues to explore his potential in MMA.

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