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“I really went there to kill him, to shoot him” – Deontay Wilder reveals chilling intentions towards internet troll

✔ Wilder opens up about the viral incident: "The Devil got in me"

Deontay Wilder has revealed that he intended to kill internet troll Charlie Zelenoff when he confronted him in Los Angeles.

Zelenoff rose to notoriety in the boxing community after videos circulated of him infiltrating gyms to challenge fighters and coaches alike, usually by taunting them first. While Zelenoff claims to be undefeated, there is plenty of material on the internet to disprove that. The internet troll received a thorough beatdown from Wilder in 2014, but the viral incident could have ended much worse for him.

Wilder claims that Zelenoff made racist remarks towards him leading up to their meeting. Zelenoff is also supposed to have made fun of Wilder’s daughter, Naieya Wilder, who suffers from spina bifida. “The Bronze Bomber” seemingly travelled to Los Angeles to put Zelenoff in his place, but during a recent episode of “Pivot Podcast” the boxer revealed that he had much darker intentions.

“I really went there to kill him, to shoot him to be honest,” Wilder said. “And the Devil got in me at one point in time because we were in some alleys and my voice changed, cuz was there with me, I brought cuz with me too.”

“One point in time my whole demeanour about myself changed, I was like, ‘Come in this alley.'”

“I knew what I was gonna do, even cuz will tell you. My whole demeanour, my face changed because I knew what my capabilities were.”

“The Bronze Bomber” explained that there’s a darker side to him that he doesn’t want anyone else to see or know about. Fortunately, the boxing star managed to control his emotions. Wilder played with Zelenoff in sparring, knocking the internet troll down several times until he refused to get up.

On October 15, Wilder will return to action for the first time since his brutal loss to Tyson Fury in their trilogy bout last year. “The Bronze Bomber” takes on Robert Helenius.


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