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Dana White’s Power Slap League Set to Begin Late This Year!

✔ Dana White to start "biggest slap competition of all time" ✔ Events will kick off at the UFC Apex!

With slap fighting becoming more popular over the last few years, UFC President Dana White solidified his plans to launch Dana White’s Power Slap League in late 2022!

Slap fighting is gaining popularity mainly through viral videos. In these competitions, competitors typically slap each other across the face with open hands until one person is unable to continue. Some of the most popular videos include the loser falling down unconscious. One recent event was commentated by Logan Paul with Arnold Schwarzenegger in attendance. White announced his intent to create the “biggest slap competition of all time” on his social media.


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White formed an ownership group to help establish and regulate the official sport. Some top names included in his group are former UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta, TV producer Craig Piligan, UFC chief operating officer Lawrence Epstein, and UFC chief business officer Hunter Campbell. Campbell revealed that one of the major goals of Dana White’s Power Slap League is to regulate the sport in order to ensure safety for all those involved.

“After testing it, it became clear to us that there’s massive potential here as a sport, not unlike the early years of the UFC. It made all the sense in the world to go toward regulation before the sport’s commencing, for all the obvious reasons — No. 1, the health and safety of the competitors.”


Campbell made a presentation to the Nevada State Athletic Commission on Tuesday with more details revealed. Approval was granted for the sport to be regulated within the state of Nevada. Events will take place at UFC Apex arena in Las Vegas and will begin in November or December of this year. With approval already granted, UFC fans and fans of the viral slap fight videos wait in anticipation to see the first fight of the Dana White’s Power Slap League!

What do you think about slap fighting coming to the world of UFC?


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