Cris Cyborg Blasts Amanda Nunes’ Coach Over Recent Comments

Cris Cyborg takes aim at Amanda Nunes' coach from American Top Team

Cris Cyborg is getting tired of hearing from Amanda Nunes’ head coach Conan Silveira when it comes to the proposed matchup pitting champion against champion.

UFC president Dana White revealed recently that he was moving towards booking a fight between Cyborg and Nunes later this year and it didn’t take long for buzz around the potential matchup to start growing. Cyborg threw cold water on the possibility, however, after stating that she would prefer to take on a legitimate featherweight fighter so that division could begin to build in the UFC.

Since then, Nunes has respectfully asked for the fight again while her coach made a remark about the fight giving them an opportunity to leave a mark on history considering the magnitude that would be champion vs. champion in the UFC.

Well, Cyborg didn’t like those comments very much and she fired back at Silveira in a post on her website where she ripped the American Top Team coach while calling him a “creonte”, which is a slang term used around Brazilian jiu-jitsu gyms for a teammate who switches sides or is considered disloyal.

Here is Cyborg’s statement:

“What do I think about Conan Silveira saying I need the fight against Amanda Nunes to leave my “mark” on history?

I think it is a joke that Conan says I need the fight against Amanda Nunes to leave my mark on the sport.  He is one of the biggest Creonte’s in the history of Brazilian MMA! You are talking about a guy who took everything Brazil taught him, and sold it to the American’s FOR NOTHING!

In Brazil Martial Arts is about respect, rivalry, competition, and honor.

When Chute Boxe was fighting Brazilian Top Team in Japan, they didn’t need the coaches to grab the microphone and give interviews for the fighters.  Conan doesn’t stand for honor and respect, he is loyal to whoever is going to pay him the most money.  That is why Conan didn’t stand with Master Liborio, because the American’s are paying him too much money to care about his students calling everyone in Brazil trash and filthy animals.

Imagine if Colby Covington acted the way he does and then went to train with the old school legends of BTT.  Do you think Alan Goes, Nogueira, and Ricardo Arona would have let him disrespect an entire country like that? I know what would have happened in the Chute Boxe Gym!

Conan will stand with whatever team is willing to pay him the most money, and that will always be his legacy in the sport.

The day Dan Lambert stops paying his salary is the day he will stop representing AMERICAN Top Team, and put his legacy back up  for sale, except this time BRAZIL will remember.”

Cyborg obviously does not think much of the long time American Top Team coach or his opinions on the potential matchup with Nunes.

The ongoing war of words will likely only further fuel the anticipation for a fight between Cyborg and Nunes but it remains to be seen if the bout will actually happen in 2018 or not.

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