Colby Covington issues ‘formal apology’ after insulting Brazil on Saturday night

Colby Covington really doesn't sound all that sorry

Colby Covington seemingly managed to turn the entire country of Brazil against him on Saturday night with his comments aimed at the country following his win against Demian Maia.

After picking up the biggest win of his career with a unanimous decision against Maia, Covington erupted on the microphone calling Brazil ‘a dump’ and its citizens were ‘dirty animals’.

Covington was then rushed through the arena as the crowd turned against him and he didn’t even make an appearance at the customary post fight press conference to answer questions from the media.

Well, Covington decided to toss a little more fuel on the fire by issuing a public apology on Sunday where he didn’t really apologize for anything he said.

UFC officials stated on Saturday that they were reviewing Covington’s comments and were not happy with what he had to say.

Considering the years of abuse Chael Sonnen launched at the country during his tenure with the UFC, it’s hard to imagine Covington will face any reprise as a result of what he said.

Regardless of his comments, Covington’s win will now undoubtedly land him a spot in the top five rankings as he continues his climb towards title contender in 2018.

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