Colby Covington, Fabricio Werdum Engaged in Physical Altercation in Australia

UFC officials are looking into the altercation between Covington and Werdum

An altercation broke out between former UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum and welterweight fighter Colby Covington with conflicting stories about what actually unfolded.

The incident took place at the UFC’s host hotel where the promotion is just days away from an event taking place in Sydney, Australia with Werdum headlining the card.

There are several conflicting reports about the incident with one source indicating that Covington was punched by Werdum in an unprovoked attack in the lobby of the host hotel.

Covington posted a video on his Instagram account (that was later deleted) as he shouted at Werdum and then showed a mark on his face where he claims he was punched.

“Look at this clown. You’re a f–king clown Fabricio Werdum,” Covington said. “What’s up? You just punched me in the face. You wanna come punch me again b–ch? What? What? Yeah, you think you’re so tough. Look at you, you f–king f—-t. Yea, that’s right, you’re a little bitch. What? Hey, yea [I’ll] see you soon. [I’ll] see you soon motherf–ker. You’re old motherf–ker, you ain’t s–t.”

While Covington claims that he was attacked, Werdum offered a different version of the story when speaking to Flo Combat.

“We were in the lobby, and I’ve never seen this guy before. When I walked he looked at me and said: ‘Brazilian animals’. And I was like: ‘Hey’. I slapped his phone and asked: “What did you say?” Werdum said. “Then, he kicked my leg, but I managed to defend.

“Then the guys got in the middle and had nothing left. But he kicked me, he is audacious.”

A second video surfaced a little later from UFC fighter Dan Hooker that shows Werdum and Covington shouting at each other and being kept apart by security. That’s when Werdum throws a boomerang at Covington before they are separated.

Covington came under fire recently for comments he made while fighting in Brazil when he called the South American country ‘a dump’ and addressed its citizens as ‘filthy animals’.

In his tirade on video, Covington doubled down on those comments as he walked away from the incident with Werdum.

“F–k Brazil. F–k Fabricio Werdum. Little b–ch ass,” Covington said. “F–k Brazil. A bunch of filthy animals. And they wonder why they get talked to like that. Because they’re a bunch of animals.”

UFC officials said in a statement that they are investigating the incident involving Covington and Werdum in Australia.

“UFC was made aware of the altercation between Fabricio Werdum and Colby Covington at the organization’s host hotel in Sydney, Australia,” UFC officials stated.

“The organization will conduct a full investigation to determine if the Athlete Conduct Policy was violated before taking any further action on this matter.”

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