Chris Fishgold Says Paddy Pimblett Doesn’t Give A F*** About The Haters

Cage Warriors lightweight champion Chris Fishgold says Paddy Pimblett doesn't care about his haters.

Paddy Pimblett has no shortage of people doubting him ahead of his return this Saturday at Cage Warriors 90, but according to his teammate Chris Fishgold he isn’t bothered by them whatsoever.

This past weekend, Fishgold competed at Polaris 6 in London where he competed against Marcin Held. Despite losing the match, Fishgold was in good spirits after and he spoke about the upcoming event this Saturday and what it’s like watching his teammates compete from the sidelines.

“Oh yeah, definitely, definitely [I get nervous watching my teammates fight], it’s like my family, we go through everything together,” Fishgold said. “I get more nervous because when I’m fighting and I get punched back in the face, I can punch them back in the face, it’s a fight isn’t it. But, when someone else gets punched in the face, you don’t know what they’re feeling or what their mentality is.

“People have different mentalities and it’s only when you see someone have it put on them how they’re going to react. With fights you can have a lot of different emotions leading up to the fight so yeah, when they get hit my heart goes out for them.”

Pimblett’s doubters are as vocal as come. The Liverpudlian gets no shortage of abuse online, but he’s never one afraid to give stick back. Fishgold, a far more reserved character, says he finds Pimblett’s attitude to his haters funny and that they don’t bother his Next Generation MMA Liverpool teammate at all.

“He’s like my little brother,” Fishgold said. “I think it’s hilarious, he just doesn’t give a f***. He will argue with anyone won’t he? He doesn’t care and it’s good because when I’m at home I just watch it and he terrorizes people.

“Anybody that see’s him gives him s*** and they think that it bothers him, but he just sits there just buzzing off it. He just doesn’t care.”

With just five days now until Cage Warriors 90, Fishgold confirmed his attendance and said he was looking forward to watching his teammates compete. If the atmosphere at the Echo Arena is anything like previous Cage Warriors events, it should be a night to remember.

“I’m definitely going to be there,” Fishgold confirmed. “We always stick together friends and family. It’s going to be awesome to see everybody there and see them get behind their local fighters.”

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