Allen Exposes Garry’s Vulnerability Ahead of UFC 296

Brendan Allen Claims Existence of Ian Garry's Knockout Video During Training

In a startling revelation, Brendan Allen has disclosed the existence of a video showing Ian Machado Garry being knocked out in training, challenging Garry’s undefeated persona.

Brendan Allen, a notable middleweight contender, has stirred the waters in the UFC community by claiming there is footage of Ian Machado Garry, his former teammate at Kill Cliff FC, being knocked out during a gym session. This revelation comes as Garry prepares to face Vicente Luque at UFC 296 on December 16 in Las Vegas. Garry, with a record of 13-0 in MMA and 6-0 in the UFC, has left Kill Cliff FC following his matchup against Luque.

Allen’s assertion questions Garry’s portrayal of invincibility. According to Allen, the incident was captured on video, a fact that Garry is allegedly aware of and cautious about.

This claim adds a twist to the narrative surrounding Garry’s upcoming fight and his reputation in the UFC. Garry’s unbeaten record faces a significant test against Luque, a seasoned fighter with a 22-9-1 MMA record and 15-5 in the UFC.

Allen’s discomfort with Garry’s attitude is evident. “I think he’s whack,” Allen expressed, criticizing Garry’s behavior and likening it to Conor McGregor’s, albeit with a clear distinction: “But there’s only one Conor, sorry.”

With Allen’s claims casting a shadow, Garry’s upcoming fight at UFC 296 is now under a new light. Will this revelation impact Garry’s performance or mindset in the ring?

What are your thoughts on Allen’s revelation about Garry? Does it change your perspective on the upcoming fight? Share your views below.

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