Bobby Lashley Returns to WWE But Remains Under Contract to Bellator MMA

Bobby Lashley made his surprise return to WWE on Monday night but the heavyweight still remains under contract with Bellator MMA

Bobby Lashley is back in the WWE for the first time in the decade but that doesn’t mean his fighting career is finished.

The 41-year old heavyweight had been performing in Impact Wrestling for several years while also competing in Bellator where he amassed a perfect 5-0 record with the promotion. Overall, Lashley carries a 15-2 record while competing in numerous promotions including Strikeforce and Titan FC.

While he hasn’t fought since 2016, Lashley has spoken often about returning to the cage while still making professional wrestling his primary focus. Now Lashley is back in the biggest pro wrestling organization in the world but it appears he hasn’t shut the door on fighting again.

Bellator MMA officials confirmed on Tuesday that Lashley remains under contract with the organization, although there are no details on when exactly he might fight again.

In the past, WWE CEO Vince McMahon has scoffed at the idea of athletes under contract to him going out and participating in any kind of crossover competitions like mixed martial arts.

McMahon softened his stance on that when he allowed Brock Lesnar to fight at UFC 200 while still under contract with WWE. Lesnar just re-signed a new deal with WWE that will once again allow him to fight in the UFC.

It’s possible that Lashley’s deal with WWE came with similar language that would allow him to take a fight in Bellator MMA while still participating in professional wrestling.

Lashley just made his return to WWE television on Monday night so there’s no telling what kind of schedule he’ll be keeping once he gets things moving in his return to the promotion.

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