VIDEO: Referee SLAPS Fighter in Wild 2-vs-1 Bout!

"Referee's Slap Turns Fight Into Spectacle"

A Match of Unprecedented Bizarre Nature

The Romanian organization RXF, notorious for its unconventional matches, has once again captured the spotlight. Known for pioneering “slap fighting,” RXF has also developed an MMA division focused on shock value. Their latest event featured a clash between two TikTok stars (boasting a combined following of over 1.5 million) and an Instagram influencer, delivering a spectacle unlike any other.

The Rules: A Mystery Unraveled

The specific rules governing this match remain a mystery, adding to its bizarre nature. However, footage from the event showcases the referee repeatedly intervening, pushing one of the participants away. This intervention escalates dramatically as the referee, losing patience, throws one of the TikTok stars to the mat and delivers a slap.


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Jamahal Hill
Yan Xiaonan
Max Holloway

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Reactions and Controversies

The incident has sparked a mix of shock, amusement, and criticism within the MMA community. Fans and critics alike are debating the appropriateness of the referee’s actions, as well as the ethical implications of such a match. This event has undoubtedly left a lasting impression, raising questions about the boundaries of entertainment in combat sports.


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