Ben Askren: ‘The UFC Have A Champion That Is 3-2 And They Said I Was Too Inexperienced’

Ben Askren was 12-0 and a Bellator champion, but back in 2013 he was 'too inexperienced' to fight in the UFC.

Why has Ben Askren never fought in the UFC? It’s a questions that’s had plenty of MMA fans scratching their heads down the years and in recent weeks, the former ONE welterweight champion has been explaining his side of the story.

Back in January, Askren appeared on the Joe Rogan MMA Show and explained how he was on the verge of signing for the organization in 2013 before they pulled the rug out from underneath him on the day he got his release from Bellator (See HERE).

Speaking on the MMAJunkie Radio last evening, Askren further elaborated on the ridiculous nature of the situation and was quick to point out that the UFC’s public explanation of why he hadn’t been signed didn’t add up.

“Dana has never officially answered the question,” Askren said. “Whenever he comes up with the question he comes up with some asinine response and says ‘Ben Askren isn’t experienced enough’ or ‘Ben Askren isn’t good enough.’ If there was ever a more asinine response.

“The UFC currently has a champion that 3-2, think about that guys. He wouldn’t sign me to a contract because I was too inexperienced and not good enough. It’s such an obvious and blatant lie that I don’t think I even have to quantify that.”

Askren believes things went down the way they did because of four reasons and he briefly explained them.

“Number #1, I think they wanted to steal an asset from Bellator. Number #2 he did have a slight personal distaste for me because of the USADA thing that I made a comment about,” he said.

“Number #3 I don’t think they liked my style and number #4 I think they thought I was actually someone that could win the UFC belt, so if I go directly from Bellator to being a champion in the UFC, Bellator is going to say well ‘look, we’re just as good. Their champion was our champion.’ These are the reasons I think it might’ve happened.”

Askren is currently in retirement, but has openly stated that he would happily return to active competition for either a shot at the UFC welterweight world title or a fight with Georges St-Pierre.

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