Tsarukyan’s Tense Pre-Fight Encounter: A Punch in the Crowd

No one is allowed to disrespect me" - Tsarukyan

The Climactic Victory

Arman Tsarukyan recently clinched the most significant victory of his career by defeating Charles Oliveira at UFC 300. The fight, which ended in a split decision, showcased Tsarukyan’s grit and determination against the former champion. This victory not only marks a high point in Tsarukyan’s career but also potentially sets him up for a title shot in the lightweight division.

Pre-Octagon Drama

However, the path to the octagon was not without its obstacles. In a moment that almost overshadowed the fight itself, Tsarukyan was involved in a physical altercation with a spectator. This incident, occurring moments before what would become the biggest match of his career, has since garnered significant attention.

The Incident Explained

Tsarukyan, following his victory, shed light on the reasons behind the altercation. He revealed that the conflict arose after the spectator made a disrespectful gesture towards him. “He showed me ‘F*** you,’ and he wanted to hit me, and I wanted to hit him back,” Tsarukyan explained. The fighter emphasized that no one is allowed to disrespect him in such a manner, signaling a zero-tolerance stance towards disrespect, irrespective of the provocateur’s identity.


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“He showed me ‘F*** you’ and he wanted to hit me and I wanted to hit him back,” said Arman Tsarukyan.

“So guys, no one is allowed to show me ‘F*** you’. It doesn’t matter who you are, I will punch you in the face,” Tsarukyan added.

“You can show me ‘F***’ from 200 meters away, I won’t hit you. But when you are close to me, it’s like automatically… I am from Russia. Don’t do that, please, otherwise, I end up in jail in the USA,” Tsarukyan concluded.


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