Anderson Silva Releases Second Statement Addressing Failed Drug Test with USADA

Anderson Silva released a new statement where he addresses his failed drug test.

Anderson Silva promises he’s going to get to the bottom of what caused the positive drug test that forced him out of his upcoming fight against Kelvin Gastelum in China.

Earlier this week, Silva released a statement where he vowed to fight on despite being pulled from his fight with Gastelum after a drug test was flagged by USADA, which landed him with a provisional suspension for the potential UFC anti-doping policy violation.

Unfortunately, Silva’s previous message didn’t actually address the failed drug test directly so he’s now released a secondary statement where he focuses on the situation with USADA that cost him the fight in China.

“To all my fans, thank you so much for all of the support you have shown me over the past week,” Silva wrote. “This means a lot to both my family and I. I just want to keep you updated on what’s going on now. My medical team is working very closely with USADA to find out the reason for my suspension of UFC Shanghai.

“Hopefully we will get more news very soon. I have been fighting for the past 20 years and always try to be an example to my fans and to my sport. Again, I want to thank all of you for your support and hope to see you soon for my next fight.”

Silva hasn’t yet disclosed what substance was found in his drug test that was flagged and USADA is unable to reveal that information until after either the athlete releases that information or until the adjudication process has been completed.

Because Silva had previously failed a drug test in 2015 and was ultimately suspended for one year, he could potentially face a stiffer penalty from USADA for a second offense but as of now no decision has been made regarding his future.

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