Alfie Davis Is Expecting An Offer From The UFC After Phoenix FC 4

Alfie Davis is one of the UK's hottest talents and he fights this Friday at Phoenix FC 4.

Alfie Davis fights this Friday at Phoenix FC 4 and a win could mean big things for the man from London.

Davis is currently in Dubai ahead of his fight with Anas Siraj Mounir, but before he jetted off he spoke exclusively to The Londoner confirmed he’d been studying his opponent in the last few weeks, but could help himself when it came to cracking a joke about his name.

“I thought his name was anus?” Davis said laughing. “Yeah I’ve watched some tape on him and I’ll be honest, he’s just average in all areas. He doesn’t excel anywhere and the best thing about him is that he’s got his brown belt in jiu-jitsu, but it’s Gi jiu-jitsu and his bottom game is terrible. His top game is OK, but to be honest I think I’m better than him in all areas.

“I’m excited to grapple with him actually because I actually think I’m going to submit the guy if I don’t hit him with my shin beforehand. I will be dangerous on the floor for him as well.”

Davis is widely tipped as one of the UK’s hottest talents, but he’s not letting that change his approach to the fight game. As far as he’s concerned, his talent will be nurtured best at his home gym London Shootfighters and he says he’s got everything he needs there.

“No, no no, everything I need is in London,” Davis said. “I always have my kickboxing instructor, Paul Bosley, who I’ve trained with for many years, we still work pads together, but yeah, I think people get overhyped with moving their training abroad.

“London Shoot is a good team and I’d say it’s the best team in the world. The coaches are second to none and people want to go these mega camps and get treated as sparring partners. I’m working with the best team and I’m very happy where I am.”

If Davis wins on Friday, he will be 10-1 and have 8 wins in a row. According to him, a call up to the UFC could be on the cards, but he added he will only sign a deal if it’s right for him.

“With another win, it’s almost concrete that they’re going to put an offer in,” Davis said. “If not, then they’re in the wrong business. I think this win will get me an offer. Whether I’m going to take it or not is up to me and my coaches to decide. But we wouldn’t mind going in with better terms than what’s on the starting contract wage also.

“We will have to discuss the terms, but if I get the offer it’s more likely the London card. I think especially being a Londoner, there’s not many Londoners and being the level I’m at, it would almost be a silly decision for them not to make me an offer in terms of business.”

Davis says he’s going to be looking to make light work of Mounir on Friday and that it will mark the perfect end to a perfect year. Given it would be four wins in four fights, it would be difficult to argue that it wasn’t.

“If I can get him out in the first round by either a KO or a submission, that will be the topping on my Christmas pudding,” Davis said. “To be honest, I think there’s a high likelihood it’s going to happen. So yeah, I’m looking forward to ending the year on a high.”

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