Alexander Gustafsson On Jon Jones: ‘I Want Him Back, I Want Another Fight With Him’

Alexander Gustafsson says he wants Jon Jones to return to the UFC so they can fight again.

Alexander Gustafsson is currently recovering following a shoulder surgery, but he’s already got his eyes back on the UFC light heavyweight title and getting back into the thick of things at 205-pounds.

The Swede appeared today on The MMA Hour and spoke about his recovery and when fans might possibly see him back in the UFC Octagon.

“In a couple more weeks I finish basic rehab and from there I think I can we can start look at training MMA for real,” Gustafsson said. “Every discipline in the game. The wrestling part, the submission part, everything else. Right now it’s a couple of more weeks. The whole of January out, I’ll just do my rehab and from there start my training for real.

“Yeah, I’m looking at Spring, maybe Summer, something like that.”

One man who Gustafsson will never be able to distance himself from is Jon Jones. The two were involved in an incredible back and forth war back in 2013, but since then, Jones’ misdemeanours have played a big part in the rematch never happening. When asked about Jones’ second alleged violation of the USADA program, Gustafsson said that Jones being in trouble wasn’t unexpected.

“I wasn’t shocked, I wasn’t surprised,” Gustafsson said. “I feel sorry for him. What can I say? I just feel sorry for him that he has new things coming up all time. I’m not surprised at all and I just feel sorry for him. It’s bad for him, it’s bad for everything and it’s bad for the sport. Look what he did to DC, he’s a beast. But he’s done what he’s done and he’s just getting caught over and over again.”

“I mean like, I just, I dunno, something, there must be something wrong with him right? You just don’t do that if you, how do I explain it?

“I just feel that, he’s just doing the wrong decision all the time and I’m just feeling sorry for him actually.”

Regardless of Jones’ problems, Gustafsson still wants the rematch and he’s hoping that Jones can keep out of trouble long enough for the two to face off again one day,

“I want him back,” Gustafsson said. “I want another fight with him. I want to fight him at some point in my future career. I just want one more time basically.

“For that reason, I think that I would like for him to come back, but at the same time, he’s been getting caught a lot of times and if he doesn’t come back, he doesn’t’ come back so.

“I just feel like it’s sad for the sport and the whole thing.”

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