Al Iaquinta ‘Ready To Go Through The Grind’ To Beat Paul Felder At UFC 223

Al Iaquinta faces Paul Felder at UFC 223 and says he's prepared to do whatever it takes to get the win.

Al Iaquinta will return to the UFC Octagon at UFC 223 when he faces Paul Felder in a highly anticipated scrap at 155-pounds.

The two were supposed to meet at UFC 218 last December, but the bout never took place after Iaquinta pulled from the fight. Thankfully, everything looks to be in place now for the fight to go down on April 7 in Brooklyn and Iaquinta has since been grated a new contract.

Speaking to MMAJunkie Radio last evening and said that he’s well aware that now he has his new contract, it’s time to show everyone that it’s justified.

“I’m definitely proud of myself,” Iaquinta said. “I stuck my neck out there and did some things that were probably against the grain and it worked out this time for me.

“Now I just got to show that I’m worth it. I know I am, the people around me know I am, but maybe some people don’t.

“I just need to go out there, get the job done and go do what I know I can do and what I’m capable of to show that I’m worth everything and more.”

Just a few weeks ago, Felder himself spoke with MMAJunkie Radio and said that he will be turning up at UFC 223 with new strings added to his bow.

Iaquinta was quick to point out that Felder isn’t at an age where making changes to his game is easy and that he’s already noticed a flaw in his game.

“I just think at his age there aren’t too many, or too much that you’re going to add,” Iaquinta said.

“He’s training at a new gym and new camp for like the last year or something, but at that point it’s really.

“There are a few things you can do with the wrestling and the jiu-jitsu and stuff, but I don’t think he’s that kinda guy.

“I think he’s more like a ground and pound guy and he works some stuff off his back I guess, but you know, he’s a Thai boxer with some Taekwondo, Karate like spinning stuff.

“He’s tough as nails and he comes forward. He don’t mind getting hit, but he doesn’t like getting hit because he definitely gets frustrated and annoyed very easily in there.

“That’s something I’ve seen in his fights that I think I can expose.”

Whilst Iaquinta has the ambition to make it look easy, he’s also aware that he might have to get into the trenches to overcome Felder. If that’s the case, Iaquinta says he’s more than prepared to do it and that he’s willing to do whatever needs to be done to get his hand raised.

“I think I got a little more finesse and my footwork is better,” Iaquinta said.

“My takedowns are better, my wrestling cardio. I think he’s going to be stronger, but most guys I fight are stronger than me.

“I’m going out there, try make it look easy, but I’m prepared to go through the grind and get it done any way possible.”

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