Georges St-Pierre Healthy Enough to Fight Again But Not Sure He Wants to Deal with the Drama

Georges St-Pierre says he plans on taking the holidays to come to a decision about his fighting future but he’s not sure he wants to deal with the drama any longer

The good news is Georges St-Pierre is healthy enough to fight again.

The bad news is St-Pierre still may never step back into the Octagon for another fight simply because he’s tired of the drama that constantly surrounds the sport.

The former two-division UFC champion has been teetering on a decision about his future for several months now after dealing with a crippling bout of ulcerative colitis that forced him to take a break from fighting after winning the middleweight title in 2017.

While St-Pierre has mentioned a couple of potential fights that might interest him, UFC president Dana White has all but shut the door on the Canadian superstar competing for another championship after he won the middleweight belt and then vacated it a few weeks later.

Add to that, White has constantly barked that he doesn’t believe St-Pierre really wants to fight again and all the drama surrounding his potential return has the 37-year old veteran questioning if he really wants to deal with another contest in the UFC.

“I’m at this point when I train I feel very confident, I feel strong, feel great, I feel better than when I was 25 but then I heard a lot of BS stuff and things and I’m like do I really want to go back into that circle?” St-Pierre said on the ‘Jim and Sam Show’.

“So I think I’m going to take the holidays to think about it and see what’s going to happen.”

St-Pierre says he understands the UFC’s position when it comes to denying him another championship opportunity considering he’s stated on many occasions that he’s not looking to win a belt and then defend it multiple times.

St-Pierre’s victory over Michael Bisping in 2017 threw the middleweight division into upheaval when he won the title and then surrendered it just a few weeks later.

“I understand they have a business to run but if it’s to go back and run for another title reign — because they have a business,” St-Pierre said. “Can I go back and fight for a title? Then you have to keep he belt and defend it, defend it and I don’t want to make the whole division on hold.”

Still at his age, St-Pierre knows the clock is ticking on a decision to fight again or not.

The last thing he wants to do is return past his expiration date and then taint the unbelievable resume he’s built during his entire career.

“I’m 37, I feel great,” St-Pierre stated. “I started doing it when I was 19 years old so my window is very long. You don’t want the sport to retire you. You want to retire from the sport. That’s always one of my goals.”

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