Ross Levine Targets Darren Till for Epic 2024 Karate Combat Showdown

Karate Combat Champion Ross Levine Eager for 2024 Title Fight with Former UFC Star Darren Till

In an exciting turn of events, Karate Combat middleweight champion Ross Levine is setting his sights on a 2024 showdown with former UFC standout Darren Till.

Ross Levine, the reigning middleweight champion of Karate Combat, is keen on facing former UFC hero Darren Till in a 2024 title bout. Despite Till’s departure from UFC in December 2022, his recent remarks about dominating the Karate Combat roster have sparked interest in a potential matchup.

Levine’s challenge comes after Till’s bold statement on social media, claiming he could defeat the entire Karate Combat roster in a single night. Levine, boasting a flawless 4-0 record, is unfazed and ready to defend his title.

This fight holds significance for both fighters. For Levine, it’s a chance to cement his dominance in Karate Combat against a well-known striker. For Till, it’s an opportunity to prove his prowess in a new arena and potentially capture a championship in a different combat sport.

Levine expressed his eagerness for the fight, stating, “I think we match up amazingly and he’s got crazy good striking skills.” Karate Combat president Asim Zaidi also shared his enthusiasm, saying, “We’re very interested in making that fight.”

As the combat sports community buzzes with anticipation, the potential 2024 face-off between Levine and Till promises to be a striking spectacle, showcasing the best of Karate Combat against a seasoned UFC veteran.

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