All fighters on weight for Combate Americas in Tucson, Arizona

Six-time boxing champion Amanda "The Real Deal" Serrano will face former Mexican kickboxing champion Erendira "Aketzaly" Ordoñez (2-1).

Fighters for “Combate Americas: Combate Tucson” faced the scale at the Casino del Sol, located in Tucson, Arizona, and all of them are on weight for tomorrow’s event at the AVA Amphitheater.

In the main event, 6-time world boxing champion Amanda “The Real Deal” Serrano (0-0-1) will face kickboxing specialist and Mexican national champion Eréndira “Aketzaly” Ordóñez (2-1).

Meanwhile, the co-main event will have the acclaimed Tucson resident and UFC veteran Anthony “El Toro” Birchak (12-6), who will battle against Adam “The American Bully” Martinez in a duel agreed in the 135 pounds division (bantamweight).

Also featured in the line-up is the Argentinian warrior Juan “El Molo” Gonzalez (7-1-2), who must face unbeaten American Mario Bautista (5-0). The Buenos Aires native will fight for second time in Combate Americas.



Erendira Ordóñez (126.0) vs Amanda Serrano (125.2)

Adam Martínez (136.0) vs Anthony Birchak (136.0)

Fernando González (170.4) vs David Michaud (170.6)

Juan Pablo González (135.4) vs Mario Bautista


Joao Camilo (130.5) vs Joe Madrid (131.0)

Kasey Tanner (136.0)  vs Arturo Guzman (135.8)

Andy Perez (145.9) vs Paris Stanford (144.8)

Joshua Valentin (156) vs Levi Escobar (155.9)

Ivan Tena (145.3) vs Alim Muhammad (145.5)

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Combate Americas
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