Video – Chael Sonnen’s Surprising Tribute to Anderson Silva

Sonnen's Fake Tattoo Honors Rivalry with Silva

In an unexpected twist, Chael Sonnen, the former UFC middleweight contender, appeared to have tattooed Anderson Silva’s face on his right arm. However, it was revealed to be a playful stunt related to Silva’s biopic mini-series that premiered on Paramount+ last Thursday. The story began with Sonnen posting a photo of the supposed tattoo, captioning it, “I’m a man of my word,” which quickly caught the attention of fans and media alike.

Silva and Sonnen, who had a notorious rivalry in UFC, faced each other in two memorable middleweight championship bouts. Their first encounter at UFC 117 in 2010 saw Sonnen dominate for four rounds before succumbing to a triangle choke in the final minutes. Sonnen then secured another title shot by defeating Brian Stann and Michael Bisping, leading to a highly anticipated rematch at UFC 148, where Silva claimed victory with a second-round knockout, marking his final defense of the UFC title.

The revelation came in a video released by Silva, showing the former rivals watching Silva’s series together. In a lighthearted agreement, they decided Sonnen would get Silva’s face tattooed if he became emotional during the series. The video humorously displays Sonnen getting the fake tattoo, complete with his infamous line “you absolutely suck” underneath Silva’s face, underscoring the playful nature of their current relationship post-retirement.


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