Daniel Cormier Trolls Brock Lesnar After Losing WWE Championship at SummerSlam

Daniel Cormier is wasting no time building up his fight against Brock Lesnar after the former heavyweight champion dropped his WWE title on Sunday night

Brock Lesnar dropped his WWE Universal championship on Sunday night at SummerSlam, undoubtedly clearing the way for his return to the UFC.

It’s been expected for weeks that Lesnar would lose to opponent Roman Reigns, surrender the title and then leave him free and clear to focus on mixed martial arts as he prepares for his return to action in 2019.

All the pieces moved into place with Lesnar dropping the title and now he’ll likely begin his preparations to face UFC heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier in 2019.

Cormier wasted no time building up the fight not only when Lesnar stepped into the ring but after he lost his match on Sunday night.

Cormier is a massive professional wrestling fan so he certainly seemed to enjoy the show but defending his title against Lesnar will be anything but scripted drama.

While the two fighters have remained friends over the years, Lesnar surprisingly put his hands on Cormier just seconds after he won the title at UFC 226 in a fight against former champion Stipe Miocic.

That immediately began throwing fuel on the fire for the showdown that is expected to happen in early 2019 once Lesnar is eligible to fight again.

Lesnar is currently serving out the remainder of a drug suspension after he tested positive for a banned substance surrounding his last fight at UFC 200. The hulking heavyweight will be allowed to return after Jan. 8, 2019 and it’s likely the UFC will waste no time getting him into the Octagon with Cormier.

While Lesnar’s current run with WWE may be at end, that doesn’t mean he’s finished with the company. WWE CEO Vince McMahon has remained a staunch supporter of Lesnar over the past few years and even gave him permission to pursue the fight at UFC 200.

Chances are when Lesnar is done fighting, he’ll be welcomed back to WWE with open arms.

For now, however, Lesnar will turn his attention back to MMA and an eventual showdown with Cormier next year.

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