Anthony Joshua Open to Fighting in the UFC But He Wouldn’t Do It Just for a Paycheck

Heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua says he's open to the idea of fighting in the UFC but he would take it seriously and not just go out there to earn a paycheck.

For all the talk about boxers crossing over to mixed martial arts, the most promising prospect isn’t 41-year old Floyd Mayweather but rather heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua.

While Joshua doesn’t carry Mayweather’s star power, he does come with an undefeated record, knockout power in both hands and an Olympic gold medal in his back pocket not to mention his fights pull in enormous crowds whenever he fights in England.

That all sounds like a promoter’s dream but would Joshua ever actually consider a crossover into the UFC?

“It’s not just about the money but if people wanted it and I felt in my heart that it was the right decision, why not? It’s just another fight,” Joshua revealed when appearing on “Conan”. “But I’d have to train, I wouldn’t just do it for a paycheck. This combat sports is a serious sport, concussions in the head, broken ribs, so I’d take it serious. Why make the money if you can’t enjoy it. So you have to take it serious, it’s not always about the money.

“But I would consider it if my heart told me it was the right thing for me.”

Joshua has spoken in the past about the possibility of exploring a fight in the UFC, especially considering how enamored UFC president Dana White has been with him in the past.

White has fawned over Joshua’s star potential as a heavyweight boxer and there were even rumors swirling that the UFC boss wanted to pursue him as a potential star for his new Zuffa Boxing venture.

UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic has mentioned numerous times that he would like to face Joshua in a boxing match but bringing the British slugger over to the Octagon would certainly rake in a lot of money at the box office as well.

Will it ever happen?

That remains to be seen but Joshua certainly doesn’t seem opposed to the idea.

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