Andrea Lee Vehemently Denies That She And Donny Aaron Are Racists

Andrea Lee has moved to vehemently deny that she and Donny Aaron are racists.

Andrea Lee has given her first interview since the discovery that her husband Donny Aaron has a Swastika symbol tattooed on his arm.

This past weekend, Aaron released photos of himself and Lee at a lake where his arm tattoos were on full display. Just minutes after the photos were released, people on social media spotted the Swastika symbol on Aaron’s left arm and from there the situation blew up across the media.

Reacting to the situation

Speaking in her first interview with the Slip n’ Dip podcast since the controversy this weekend, Lee admitted that the past 48 hours had been an uncomfortable time.

“That’s been very crazy for me,” Lee said. “I took a picture with my husband and he has some embarrassing tattoos, he has a Swastika on his arm. He’s normally careful about posting pictures, but he posted our lake pictures on Twitter and people could see his tattoos, they saw the Swastika and they started commenting and posting hateful stuff. He saw it immediately and he was upset. I saw it and then everybody was turning on me because he’s my husband and I’m standing next to him, so obviously I’m a racist and a Nazi, but I promise you guys [I’m not].

“When I met Donny, I was probably like 12 when he got the tattoos, but when I met him I asked him questions about his tattoos because I was curious as well. I wanted to know why he had then and he told me about his story and about how he’d changed and I even asked them why he wouldn’t cover them up and I felt the same way, maybe he should cover them up, but the thing is that he think it looks terrible already and that covering them up will just make it worse, I don’t know. I can’t make him do it. I can’t make him put anything on there.”

Not committed to covering them up

Those asking Aaron why he just doesn’t cover the tattoos up and been met with the response that he thinks it will only make his arm look worse. Lee said that they have talked about the potential of getting the tattoos removed, but that Aaron had still yet to commit to doing anything about them.

“Well yes we have and actually him and I have had that talk earlier,” Lee said. “We were discussing about trying to find someone that can cover it up and make it look good and make it look not trashier than it already is. But you know, we’re going to talk about it and see what happens.

“We talked about it before at the beginning and neither one of us had really discussed it. He always wears long sleeves and he’s always very careful about having his arms showing. We went up to the lake and we just got careless. We will have to discuss it more.”

An apology

Despite seemingly not wanting to remove or cover the tattoos up, Lee remains adamant in the fact that Aaron is not a racist. She then admitted that dealing with all the hate that has come her way over the last 48 hours have been tough to deal with and she wanted to apologize for a response she made in the heat of the moment.

“I swear to Y’all, none of us are racist,” Lee said. “You know, he just has, he just had a bad past obviously and he’s got it on his arms. He didn’t mean to put it out there for the world to see. He certainly doesn’t want to ruin my career.

“I’m not used to getting that kind of hate I guess and you know, when I read the first couple of messages and everybody was calling me ‘white trash,’ ‘white supremacist’ and ‘Nazi c***’ and that kind of stuff, my blood did kind of boil and I did get upset and that was just in the first few seconds of reading the first few tweets. So I started messaging and starting to respond and Donny was over there upset and it was upsetting me and I’m reading this, so I wrote something and I’m not racist.

“My best friend is Asian and my other best friend is black and they both live with us. I was just like you’re all being sensitive mofo’s and I sent it, then when I sat there I went back and deleted it, but by the time I’d done that people had already screenshotted and shared it. So I apologise for that. I understand how people feel, but I was very upset and sensitive because of what they were calling me. So I mean that’s why I said what I said.”

Not getting cut

With the UFC now being in business with Disney and ESPN starting in 2019, the question was asked whether Lee would be cut from the UFC roster following the revelations this past weekend. Lee confirmed that she had spoken to the UFC and that she would be remaining on the roster.

“Yes all my sponsors are very awesome to me and they all have my back and they’re going to help me get things smoothed over,” Lee said. “The UFC, we have talked to them, UFC PR and they’re helping us get everything smoothed over. I’m not going to get cut guys.”

“No, I don’t see why they should cut me for someone else’s things, that’s not, I was like 12 when he got those tattoos and I didn’t even know who he was then,” Lee said. “When I came into the picture he was just a completely changed person, he just has that on his body and it’s still there. A lot of people don’t like that. I don’t have a single tattoo and I mean, I’m not racist and Donny isn’t either.”

The real haters

Lee then had a message for the people that had been leaving comments on her social media profiles. She believes that they are the ones who are really spreading hate and that it’s them who should be taking a long hard look at themselves.

“Well I mean, I think Y’all talk about hate and calling me a racist, but the more you say it, doesn’t mean the more it makes it true,” Lee said. “I’m not racist and people talk about hate, they are the ones breeding hate by trolling people on Facebook. They are breeding hate and I’ve never seen so much hate in my life.

“It just doesn’t make sense to me. You say I’m racist, but I’m clearly not racist. Look at my social media and the people who I’m friends with and the people that I’ve taken pictures with throughout my entire life. You can clearly see that I, and Donny, are not racist. I just feel like Y’all are the ones breeding hate. Not me.”

Watch the full interview here – Andrea Lee Interview Starts HERE

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