ACB Update: It’s Not Looking Good For ACB 91 In Malmo, Sweden

There's still no official word on what is going on in ACB but word is that's not looking good for ACB 91 in Malmo, Sweden.

No one really knows what exactly is going on in the Russian promotion ACB right now, but the word on the street is that ACB 91 set for Malmo, Sweden on Aug. 25 is the latest event to be under severe threat of being cancelled.

We’ve yet to get an official word from the organisation regarding their current fight card schedule, but sources close to have confirmed reports from RT Sport journalist Denis Geyko that the upcoming ACB 89 fight card set for Limassol, Cyprus this weekend, the ACB 90 show set to take place in Kazan, Russia on July 28, and ACB 91 event set to take place on Aug. 25 in Malmo, Sweden are all at this point in time not going to be taking place.

One source did suggest that if certain circumstances do change, then there would be a focus on saving the fight card in Sweden given the names currently scheduled to feature. However, with things as they are, it’s more likely that the event will not be taking place next month.

At this point in time, it’s very difficult to understand what is actually going on in the promotion.

One thing we do know for sure is that the feeling of confusion is rife throughout those in the media, the fight roster and a lot of ACB staff.

These are uncertain times for ACB.

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