Rose Namajunas on Joanna Jedrzejczyk: ‘She Knows I’m the Best But She Won’t Admit It’

Rose Namajunas talks about a potential third fight with Joanna Jedrzejczyk and how the former champion should humble herself to admit who is the best strawweight in the world right now.

Rose Namajunas doesn’t have much interest in a third fight against former champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk, especially while she’s still living in denial about her place in the strawweight division.

Namajunas has now defeated Jedrzejczyk on two separate occasions — the most recent being UFC 223 in April where the former ‘Ultimate Fighter’ finalist earned a unanimous decision victory to retain her title.

Afterwards, Jedrzejczyk objected to the decision, believing that she had done enough to earn the victory. Namajunas obviously disagrees and with two wins over the former champion she doesn’t really see a need for a third fight right now.

“Right now that fight doesn’t really interest me at the moment,” Namajunas told TMZ Sports. “I’d be interested to see how she does with somebody else before even entertaining that possibility. At the moment, there’s not much to gain from running that back again.”

Jedrzejczyk will get the chance to prove herself in a non-title fight when she returns at UFC on FOX 30 where she will face Tecia Torres in a featured bout on the main card.

Even with a win, Jedrzejczyk may still not be that much closer to another shot at the title considering she has lost to Namajunas on two previous occasions.

It’s rare for a fighter to get a third crack at an opponent who has already thwarted them twice, much less earning a trio of title shots against the same person.

Add to that, Namajunas doesn’t believe that Jedrzejczyk has ever truly acknowledged that she’s the best strawweight in the world after beating her twice.

“Unless she says that I’m the best — publicly,” Namajunas joked when asked about what Jedrzejczyk could do to earn another shot. “Cause I already know, she knows.

“You gotta say it to everybody. She knows I’m the best but she won’t admit it to everybody.”

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