Nate Diaz is Somehow Engaged in a War of Words with UFC Announcer Bruce Buffer

It might seem crazy but Nate Diaz is suddenly caught in a war of words with UFC announcer Bruce Buffer of all people

Nate Diaz never pulls any punches and he’s never opposed to feuding with anybody who has something to say to him — and that apparently includes UFC announcer Bruce Buffer.

Just recently, Buffer took a shot at Diaz after he complained that the UFC never promoted him following the announcement of his upcoming bout against Dustin Poirier. On the same day Diaz came face to face with Poirier for the first time, he then watched the UFC roll out a special promo video to announced the fight between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor.

Diaz was none too happy to play second stage to a pair of fighters he considers rivals but Buffer countered by saying the often-unhappy lightweight should be thankful for the position he’s in with the UFC.

“I love Nate, but he’s always got a bad taste in his mouth,” Buffer said when speaking to TMZ. “Nate, I heard you made $7 or more million dollars on your last fight. I don’t want to hear you complaining about being underpromoted by the UFC.

“You should be thanking the UFC and bowing to Dana White every time you see him, (and) Ari Emmanuel, Patrick Whitesell. You’ve got $7  or more million dollars gross, before taxes, maybe much more – which I love knowing that you have, Nate. Please – I don’t want to hear any more.”

Well that random outburst from Buffer prompted a response from Diaz, who came out guns blazing when responding to the ‘Voice of the Octagon’ on Sunday.

“Bruce Buffer, what the f–k get off the UFC nuts,” Diaz wrote on Twitter. “You’re bowing down right now telling me to bow down? F–k that you keep bowing down.

“I bow down to no one ever for all the money n the world.”

Diaz has never shied away from voicing his opinion about his boss Dana White so it shouldn’t be all that surprising that he’s not going to sit back and hear what Buffer had to say about him without responding.

Diaz already has his hands full with Poirier coming up in November at UFC 230 but being introduced by Buffer that night inside the Octagon just took on a whole new level of interest.

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