Luke Rockhold reveals his demands for a return to the UFC

While admittedly Luke Rockhold is content with where he's at, there is something that could convince him to return to the UFC

As of now, former Strikeforce and UFC middleweight champion Luke Rockhold is more or less retired. In his last outing he made the move up to light heavyweight to face Jan Blachowicz, getting brutally KO’d.  After suffering his third brutal knockout loss in his last four fights, he has decided to pursue different avenues in life. There hasn’t been much incentive for Rockhold to return. Not yet, anyway.

Lately, Rockhold has been content with where he is in life, which he told Submission Radio in a recent interview.

“I’m 35 but I feel like I’m younger than most of these guys in their 20’s. So, I’m healthy and I’m just living my life,” Rockhold said. “I’m gonna do what I do for now, and if it comes back at some point, so be it. And I don’t foresee that at this point. I’m pretty happy with what I’m doing, and I’m jumping into some other paths. There’s lots left to conquer.”


Rockhold later spoke of the issues he’s had during his career. He event opened up about a return to the UFC, which Rockhold would consider if the UFC instated a 195 lbs division.

“Weight issues, trying to make weight. For me, I feel like I’m killing myself to get down to 185, so I don’t see it,” he said. “That was my reasoning. More weight classes, add them in. Where’s that 195-weight division? Then maybe I think about coming back.”

The UFC, and specifically CEO Dana White, have not been open to new weight divisions in the UFC, however. While many fighters have been clamouring for a 165 lbs weight class, White has been stern in his position. Should White and the UFC change their position, however, we will very likely see a return for Rockhold.

Would you like to see Luke Rockhold return to the UFC?

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