Leon Edwards Labels The Woodley-Till-Covington Title Situation ‘F***ing Madness’

UFC welterweight Leon Edwards has given his take on the UFC welterweight title situation and he's pulled no punches.

Leon Edwards has given his thoughts on the UFC welterweight title picture and he isn’t sitting on the fence.

After defeating Donald Cerrone earlier this year at UFC Singapore, Edwards is eyeing up a future fight with either Robbie Lawler, Jorge Masvidal and Rafael dos Anjos in December (See HERE). With his fellow British fighter Darren Till fighting for the 170lbs title later in just over four weeks time, Edwards gave his thoughts on Colby Covington being stripped of his title and Till getting the shot at Woodley on Sept. 8.

“It’s f***ing madness isn’t it!?” Edwards said. “It just shows that the interim belt means f*** all. That’s exactly what it shows me. It’s a shame, but I am looking forward to see how the Till vs Woodley fight pans out to be fair. I think it’s a good fight.

“I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how it all figures itself out. Tyron hasn’t fought for like a year or so I’m interested to see how he looks when he steps in there again.”

Edwards himself has title ambitions. Ranked #11 in the division right now, Edwards still thinks he needs more wins to get himself in line for a shot at the champion.

“I still think I’m two or three fights away from getting in the title talk myself,” Edwards said. “That’s why I’m pushing for big names now.

“The more of them I beat then the closer I get to that title shot. By the end of next year I’m going to have fought for that title 100-percent.”

The UFC welterweight title isn’t the only thing on Edwards’ mind though. After his last fight with Cerrone, Edwards called for the UFC to return to his hometown of Birmingham for the first time since 2011 when the LG arena hosted UFC 138.

“I called for  it after the last fight, UFC Birmingham, but they just said lets see how it goes next year blah blah blah,” Edwards said. “With me and Tom Breese we’ve got two high level fighters from Birmingham. Add in my brother (Fabian) and it would amazing.

“They’ve not been to Birmingham for a long time now and it’s about time they came back. I can see it now, I’m gonna get the belt and bring the UFC back to Birmingham and headline the bill. What a story that would be.”

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