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✔ Don't piss off the boxing legend ✔ Being hit in the face repeatedly!

Piss off boxing legend Mike Tyson can be dangerous to your health and is done on at your own risk!

TMZ Sports recently released a video showing how a, according to them, drunk plane passenger disturbs Tyson who was sitting in the seat in front of him. The incident must have occurred earlier this morning.

The former heavyweight boxer initially accepted the man’s behavior, and you can see him laughing at the jokes. Tyson, however, eventually got so angry and hit the man in the face with a clenched fist repeatedly. This after Tyson on several occasions has asked the man to calm down and not disturb him.

Tyson got off the plane shortly afterwards, while the man in question received medical help and gave a statement to the police. It is unclear at the time of writing whether the boxing legend has been arrested.

Tyson’s behavior is a big contrast to how he reacted when a man aimed a gun at him during a comedy show. The former boxer barely reacted to the confrontation and sat completely still at his table while the rest of the club tried to escape the gun man. The man then asked Tyson not to report it all to the police, and finally got a hug from the boxing legend!

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