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UFC champ Jiri Prochazka tested by USADA “daily”: “It’s boring”

✔ USADA seem to be keeping a close eye on light heavyweight champion Jiri Prochazka!

USADA seem to be keeping a close eye on light heavyweight champion Jiri Prochazka ahead of his rematch against Glover Teixeira at UFC 282!

Leading up to UFC 282 on December 10, Prochazka has had to contend with heavy scrutiny from the anti-doping organization USADA. Last month it was revealed that the champion has been tested over 50 times so far this year – a staggering number that beats the previous record, held by Jon Jones, of 42 during a twelve month period.

The tests have been ramping up month by month, and it’s starting to become exhausting for the Czech champion.

“Daily,” Prochazka said on how often he gets tested by USADA. “They are coming daily and sometimes, it’s boring. Sometimes, I’m tired from that. I’m waking up at 5 a.m. and I’m thinking, ‘They will come. They will come today.’ But if it’s the price to be the champion, I will pay that.”

However, exactly what the reason is behind USADA’s newfound interest isn’t clear, at least according to Prochazka.

“We spoke about that,” Prochazka explained. “My management talked with USADA and all of them about why and it’s just their law. They can do that, so they test me. For me, I’m good with that. It doesn’t matter.”

It’s worth noting that Prochazka has never tested positive for any performance enhancing drugs previously.

USADA has the right to show up without prior notice to demand a test. Fighters must regularly keep the organization updated on their whereabouts; if they’re not available for testing when USADA knocks on their door, a whereabouts violation is filed. Three violations during a twelve month period is equivalent to a failed test!


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