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UFC boss Dana White part of Donald Trump economic task force

"We have to get our sports back"

The entire sports world is suffering during these dire times. Pretty much all sports leagues have been suspended, leaving a void for all organised sport. Things have gotten to the point where the UFC will be aiding the US government. UFC president Dana White will be assisting United States President Donald Trump as part of an economic task force to help restart the American economy.

“JUST NOW: Adam Silver, Rob Manfred, Roger Goodell, Gary Bettman, Robert Kraft, Jerry Jones, Dana White, and Vince McMahon are part of a large group that will help advise on how to restart the economy, President Trump says,” Andy Slater wrote on Twitter. This was later confirmed by ESPN’s Brett Okamoto


Trump recently admitted to being bored of reruns of old sporting events, and new UFC fights, organised by White, would undoubtedly quench the the president’s thirst.

“We have to get our sports back,” Trump said during a White House press conference. “I’m tired of watching baseball games that are 14 years old.”

Most of the largest sporting events in the world have been either suspended or pushed back. The Olympics will take place next year instead of 2020, as well as the Euro 2020 Football championship and Copa America.

Trump is undoubtedly pleased with the plans that White has, as he recently announced plans to hold a mega UFC event on May 9th. During the Covid-19 pandemic White has been fierce in his desire to continue hosting fights despite the state of the world, and social distancing regulations. The two have a long, positive relationship, and if there’s anyone who can ensure the UFC gets back up and running it surely would be Trump.

Will Dana White play a large role in the economic task force set up by President Trump?

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