Tyron Woodley Blasts ‘Scared’ Nate Diaz For Not Signing to Fight at UFC 219 Yet

Tyron Woodley unleashes on Nate Diaz

Tyron Woodley is tired of waiting on Nate Diaz.

Just days after rumors first surfaced that the UFC had reached out to Woodley and Diaz about potentially headlining the upcoming Dec. 30 card in Las Vegas, the welterweight champion is going on the offensive after not hearing back from his next possible opponent.

According to Woodley, he’s already agreed to the fight and even started training camp but Diaz’s bout agreement is nowhere to be found.

“I’m fired up about people that tell you ‘don’t be scared homie’ and then they scared, homie. That’s what I’m fired up about,” Woodley told TMZ on Thursday.

“Not a possible fight. A 50-percent completed fight. You got one half of the party that’s been offered, that accepted, that’s out here with they’re bag at Wild Card Boxing getting punched by world champions and then you got the other side, that’s got a whole bunch of excuses.”

Woodley not only took a shot at the younger Diaz brother but also fired back at Nick Diaz as well, who had previously been offered a fight against him last year by the UFC but turned down the matchup.

“Because guys in our sport bump their gums quite a bit and they get you to think they’re these huge tough guys, they’re these gangsters and they’ll fight anybody, any time and then when you get in front of a person like me, then the crickets start to come out and they don’t really want to fight,” Woodley said.

“It happened with [Michael] Bisping, it happened with Georges St-Pierre, with Conor McGregor, it happened with Nick Diaz, big brother, and now it’s happening with baby brother so I guess it’s in the bloodline.”

Woodley sounds more than ready to go for the Dec. 30 card after the UFC enticed him to return before the end of the year after it was expected that he wouldn’t fight again until 2018.

Dangling a fight against Diaz got Woodley ready to go, but now he’s not so sure he has a willing opponent ready to face him.

“All you gotta say is yes. Put the ink to the paper and we done,” Woodley said addressing Diaz directly.

“Get off the pot, quit crapping yourself, you already took plenty of butt whoopings before. This ain’t gonna be anything different. Get your big paycheck and drift off into the fog.”

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