Tyron Woodley And Colby Covington Exchange Bet Challenges

Tyron Woodley and Colby Covington have exchanged bet challenges today ahead of a potential fight next year.

Will Colby Covington be the next man to step across the Octagon from Tyron Woodley? That remains to be seen, but if they do, the stakes could be higher than just the UFC welterweight title.

Woodley and Covington have made no secret of their distain for one another and a potential showdown between the two has been talked about ever since Covington secured the interim UFC welterweight title earlier this year.

Since then, Covington has baited Woodley no end and today the UFC welterweight champion laid down a challenge to the American Top Team man on his “Hollywood Beatdown” show on TMZ.

“I’ll bet you $10,000 every single time you touch my leg for a (takedown) shot, you’ve got to pay me $10,000. I want people to see it for what it is,” Woodley said.

“You don’t want to see these hands. You don’t want to do nothing but try to out-wrestle me. And at the end of the day, he can’t even do that. So I’m challenging you: No wrestling. You touch my leg, it’s $10,000. If I touch your leg I’ll give you $20,000.”

Covington later appeared on MMAJunkie Radio and responded to Woodley’s challenge. Apparently, he doesn’t believe Woodley is going to approach a fight with him looking to stand and strike.

“What I make of it is, I’m going to counter him and I’m going to bet him on MMAjunkie Radio that I’m going to give him $10,000 for every punch he throws – all five of them,” he said.

Of course, the ultimate question is whether a fight between the two will happen at all. This past weekend, UFC president Dana White stated that he was considering giving Kamru Usman the next shot at the title after he soundly defeated Rafael dos Anjos via unanimous decision in the TUFC 28 finale on Friday evening.

Covington, however, still believes he’s the number one contender but thinks it’s Woodley doing everything he can to avoid fighting him.

“We’re just waiting on Woodley,” Covington continued. “That’s literally what we’ve been waiting on for the last year. He’s been faking injuries. He had his fake shoulder surgery – but he was good to fight Nate Diaz during that time. Now he says he was good to fight me at the Garden.

“By the way, I was ready to defend my belt [after] three months in the Garden, but all of a sudden he couldn’t fight in the Garden a week after negotiations got going. He was out and said his thumb was hurting. That’s fake news, as well, and he’s faking injuries again.

“We’re just waiting on Woodley,” he later added. “Whenever he wants to go, whenever he wants to tell the people – he lies and says fake news to the media – I’m ready to go whenever Woodley wants to go, and this needs to happen. If it doesn’t happen, it’s Woodley’s fault.”

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