Sunday Column: Surprise Surprise Motherf***ers The King (Of Self Promotion) Is Back

Conor McGregor is back and boy is his troll game strong - Khabib Nurmagomedov can't be happy with what went down today.

There was a UFC event last evening, but like so many times in recent years, it’s Conor McGregor who is stealing all of the headlines on Sunday.

In case you didn’t see it (are you blind!?), McGregor attended the 2018 FIFA World Cup Final today in Moscow, Russia and took every opportunity possible to let the world know he was having the time of his life on the weekend of his 30th birthday.

From arriving in Russia boasting that his “Russian Compound is taking shape” …

To wishing one of the star players of the final Paul Pogba (I love you Keano but please shut up) good luck…

To posing with Vladimir Putin himself after the match (worst caption ever *facepalm*) …

It was the ultimate troll job by the best in the business when it comes to self-promotion.

Back in April at UFC 223 when the infamous dolly being thrown at bus incident happened, Khabib spoke the words “Send me location. Ireland, New York, Brooklyn, Moscow. Doesn’t matter, just send me message.”

Today McGregor chose the latter and strolled into Nurmagomedov’s backyard like he owned the place; taking in the football, meeting Russian political figureheads and basically taking the p***.

Why!? Well do you think the Irishman gives a damn about France vs Croatia? … no.

Today was all about self-promotion and using the grand stage of the World Cup final to further build the intrigue for his upcoming showdown with “The Eagle.”

All signs at the moment point to October 6 in Las Vegas at UFC 229, but nothing is yet signed, sealed and delivered.

McGregor vs Nurmagomedov was always going to be the biggest fight in UFC history and events like today just turn the screw even more.

Proclaiming Putin as “one of the greatest leaders of our time” was perhaps ill-advised, but when you’re McGregor, it’s almost like the more people your trigger, the better the reaction.

The games have begun, so strap yourselves in.

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